Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Auf Wiedersehen

The stewardess came to check on me again. This time she sat next to me and asked if I was all alright.

"I'm fine, thanks," I said with a smile. "Just feeling kind of blue."

"I know what you mean," she said. "It happens to me, too, every once in a while."

She stood and gave me a lovely smile. "Well, then, have a nice trip. Auf Wiedersehen."

"Auf Wiedersehen."

- quoted from Norwegian Wood

There are 2 parts from this book I vividly remember. One part, is the conversation between him and the air hostess when he arrived Germany, as shown above. The other part, was shown up at here a year ago.

Auf Wiedersehen in English is goodbye.

Good bye!



Auf Wiedersehen 的中文意思是,再見。


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Sunday, April 6, 2014

She wants to focus on living in the present.

jump4 jump6 jump10 _MG_6998 jump9 jump3
Muji dress, Kubrick bag, Converse sneakers, Uniqlo cardigan

Stripe forever!

I am reading Volume 2 - the "love" issue - of Pocketto magazine. In case you don't know, it is a magazine created by a duo, Aimee and Emma. It is now stocked in Kubrick in Yau Ma Tei. Other than just reading it, its cover is stiff enough to hold your head. Go and take a look!



我正在看以「愛」做主題的第二期 Pocketto 雜誌。這本雜誌是由 AimeeEmma 一起創立的。現在你可以在油麻地的 Kubrick 找到。除了閱讀以外, Pocketto 的封面還堅夠硬把大家的頭托起。去看看吧!


" She wants to focus on living in the present, as 'living in the past makes you depressed and living in the future makes you anxious'. "

- as seen in Poketto, p.110

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Monday, March 31, 2014

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

Lately, I have been tidying up my photos. The 38 photos below are shot within this half a year. There are also some analogous photos but they will be put at here bit by bit later.




Causeway Bay, July 2013 /
銅鑼灣,2013 年 7 月
_MG_20782 _MG_2080
This is where we belong to. Stand up, kids! /


Ma Liu Shui, October 2013 /
馬料水,2013 年 10 月
Went to ferry pier for outing. /


Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, December 2013 /
九龍與香港島區,2013 年 12 月
They have the same height. /
After watching Hayao Miyazaki's Wind Rises, because of nothing to do, we went to take tram until the sky turned dark.

" The wind is rising, we must try to live. ". I can only give you my support and all.





Tai Tong, January 2014 /
大裳,2014 年 1 月
2 61
Watching withered red leaves in an early morning. /


Fotan, January 2014 /
火炭,2014 年 1 月
Eating curry fish ball on the way. /
Fotanian Open Studio.

Suppression of art is a terrible thing. This would make me hate Hong Kong more.





Hoi Ha Wan, January 2014 /
海下灣,2014 年 1 月
s1 s2 s3 s5 s6
Meeting two dogies when camping. When listening to an old man talking about the stories of them, a lump was about to come into my throat. Human is just too selfish.

I will be back.





Sheung Shui, January 2014 /
上水,2014 年 1 月
Eating ice-cream when cold wind was blowing. Then sat on the lawn and listened to music. When feeling hungry, got our dinner from a food stall. Before heading back to home, ate again. Ended a day with contentment.




Lamma Island, February 2014 /
南丫島,2014 年 2 月
Meow! /
Power plant. /
A sunny day. We had said we had to go to Lamma Island together long time ago. We finally made it. But a pity that we did not stay overnight.

Have not rode bicycle for a long time.





Tung Lung Chau, March 2014 /
東龍島,2014 年 3 月
Me standing on the shore. /
_MG_6944 _MG_6956 _MG_6957
Ocean. Helpless and vagueness. /
Meow! /
Breaking wave at the seashore turns into spoondrift. A process of blueness turning into whiteness. /


The weather in March starts as a fierce lions and ends as a gentle lamb. March finally comes to an end. A lot of things has happened within this month.

I will miss this place, especially the people here. Then I will be sad. Envelop and paper will become my placebo.

It is annoying that my laptop often disconnects with the wifi netwok at home.




家中的 wifi 不時斷線,真煩厭。

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

How do you do?

white4 white1 _MG_6709 white2 Uniqlo jeans, Converse sneakers, Kanken backpack, Front Row Shop sweater (c/o)

It is a cloudy Saturday afternoon. As usual, I am sitting next to the window and surfing the net while listening to music. Just now, it rained and thundered. The weather forecast says the weather of the next few days would be quite nasty. What a pity. After I finish this post, I will continue to listen music and tidy up things. Time is always not enough. Even postponed everything for a month more, it would still be not enough.

After attending a funeral, I felt relieved. In the funeral, I had a thought. I hoped that at the end of my own funeral, Coca-cola (not Pepsi!) would be distributed to everyone. Because attending a funeral is quite a tiring thing and everyone looks so sad. Even if people are not physically tired, they mentally do. Drinking Coca-cola not only quenches thirst, but also makes me feeling much better. Therefore I hope everyone can leave my funeral with a smile.

The turtle in the photos is fake. The real one died 5 years ago.


現在是一個烏雲密佈星期六的下午。我一如以往坐在窗邊,一邊上網,一邊聽歌。剛才出面又下雨又打雷。看了天氣預報,接下來的幾天天氣都不太好,真可惜。當我完成這篇 post 後,便會繼續一邊聽歌,一邊收拾東西。時間總是不夠用,就算遲多一個月,都會不夠用。如果等會兒心情不錯,可能會找套電影看。

去完喪禮後,感覺輕鬆了。在喪禮上,我有一個想法。我希望自己的喪禮在完結時會每人分發一枝可口可樂 (百事可不行呢) 。因為喪禮是件挺疲累的事,每個人都要苦着口臉,就算肉體上不疲累,精神上都會呀。可樂喝了不單解渴,還可以令心情好不少,而且我想每個去完我喪禮的人都可以笑着走。


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